Staying Competitve


While many organizations find a bonus by overcoming the standard pricing mistakes created by their competition, most companies have typically spent years achieving their success by means of cost-cutting, re-engineering of processes together with implementation of price intelligence metrics. In our today’s competitive marketplace the incremental benefits that these organizations determined by these activities are often degraded after a while.

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For organizations to be staying competitive and keep an upslope of the competitiveness they ought to look to other avenues to assist them to raise their business results and techniques. Staying Competitive now involves using Web Data Extraction to interrogate data stored in semi-structured electronic documents such as web pages and data stored in internal data warehouses.

Data Extraction is a very useful tool for organizations to ensure you are staying competitive,

Data Extracted from the web merged with internal data can provide insights and metrics that are not normally clear.

Your company may have plenty of knowledge but it’s sometimes tricky to regulate and convert the data into useful information.

Sometimes Staying Competitive is also dependant on timing. Information in the right time is critical. Extracting data from a web site over weeks and months may leave your data out-of-date by the time you come to use it.

You many need to have data when you need it and whenever you want it.
Your company may have plenty of data and yet it may prove a headache to regulate and convert the info into vital / usable information. Data extraction services let you get data quickly along with the right format.

Screen Scraping

Save 100’s of hours manually inputting

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Staying Competitive using various kinds of Data Extraction Services:

Database Extraction:

Data reorganization and consolidation from multiple databases, for example, statistics regarding your competitor’s new offers and pricing coupled with customer opinions and reviews on certain products might be extracted and merged. This data might be transformed into a data warehouse.

Web Data Extraction:

Web Data Extraction is additionally known as “data extraction” and “screen scraping” that is usually referred to as the practice of extracting or reading text data originating from a targeted website. Businesses have realised the benefits they will gain through understanding their competitors and knowing their current market position to ensure they are staying competitive.

In this competitive world of online business, crucial business information such as customer statistics plus operational competitor’s figures plays a crucial role in making strategic decisions.

Certain applications in which Data Extraction might be useful are :

· Financial data capturing

· Sales leads generation

· Product research

· Track and harvest product pricing data

· Specific job postings

· Duplicating an online database

· Scanning for building applications

· Acquiring real-estate property data

· Online news sources extracting and summarization.

Outsourcing companies offer customized data extraction services for their client’s needs.

Advantages of Data Extraction Services outsourcing to companies like :

· Enhanced technology scalability

· Skilled and qualified technical staff

· Infrastructure resources advancement

· Rapid turnaround time

· Low prices

· Secure network systems to make sure data safety

· Raise market coverage

The term “screen-scraping” comes from the terminal days of old mainframes in which people produce computers with black and green screens containing text only, sometimes known as “dumb-terminals”. Screen scraping was used for extracting characters from the screens in order that they might be analysed elsewhere (perhaps say in a more modern database or format)

Fast-forwarding towards the web realm of today, screen scraping most commonly refers to extracting data from web sites.

That is, computer software will “crawl” or “spider” through websites, harvesting data. People also do this to build such things as price comparison shopping engines.

Web Data Extraction is an essential tool to ensure you are staying competitive.