Select Copy and Paste Text From a Web Site

How to Manually Extract Web Data

To manually extract web data is quite easy, its just very time consuming and prone to human error if you need to do a lot of it.

Web pages present structured data, telephone directories, product catalogs, search results, etc.

The data is formatted for human browsing using a language called HTML.

This structured data is typically delivered to the web browser from an underlying database. The data is applied to a template to be formatted and styled.

Manually Extract Web Data – Text

Copying Text Data is quite easy. Most browsers support “copy” and “paste”.

Text is one of the most common things to be copied, and is essential for creating a database, document editing and other word processing tasks. You can click and drag to select specific sections of text, or press ^ Ctrl+A (PC) or ? Cmd+A (OS X) to select all of the text on a document or page.

Once the text is copied in to memory (clip -board) temporarily, you can then “paste” the data into a text document; word document; access database; excel; SQL server;  etc.

Give it a try..

Manually Extract Web Data. Select Copy and Paste Text From a Web Site

Manually Extract Web Data. Select Copy and Paste Text From a Web Site


You can also view the source of a web page.  Just right click anywhere on the page and them from the pop-up menu click “View Source”.

Manually Extract Web Data – Images

Images too are easily stored locally. If you are trying to copy an image from a website, you don’t need to select it. Instead, right-click it to start the copy process. See the Right-Click section for more details.

Give it a try..


"Save image as" Example of manual data extraction

“Save image as” Example of manual data extraction


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