6 easy steps to get your harvested data.

Competitor Watch How It Works

Step 1 :: Get In Touch

Competitor Watch How It Works, starts here.

Complete our form here. Tell us the URL(s) of the web sites
and the pages on the web site you are interested in.

Some web sites you can send us the URL to the page.

Some web sites you will need to tell us what you clicked on to get to the desired web page.

Some webs sites you will need to tell us what you entered in to the search box.

Step 2 :: We take a look

When we receive your enquiry, we’ll look at the web sites you are interested in.
We’ll determine if we can get the data you require.

Step 3 :: We send you a quote

We will try to send you the quote as soon as possible.

This is a 100% no obligation quotation.

Step 4 :: You like the quote and give us the go ahead

At this point  we will send you our terms and conditions, a  confirmation of the web pages you want to monitor, and an invoice for the first month.

If it turns out that we can not harvest the data you require you will be given a full refund.

So you can order risk free.

Step 5 :: We Get To Work

Once the first invoice has been paid
our developers will start to configure our crawler to harvest the data you require.