Price Comparison Software. When shopping, there are many options that are available for the customers. This is especially true when the shopping is done online. The online platform provides a very wide range of selection for goods and services. While this might be viewed as an advantage, in most cases it leaves the consumer unsure of what brand is best to purchase because different stores provide a variety of brands with different prices attached to them.

Price Comparison Software, on the other hand,as a manufacturer or marketer, you need to know the prevailing pricing rates of the various goods and services that you are dealing with or intend to offer. There are also other conditions that include the demand and supply levels. Having this awareness enables you to be able to attract your fair share of sales amongst your competitors.

Gathering all this information is not an easy task. While it may be possible to gather all the information that you need, the level of detail that is required makes this a very daunting task. This may end up costing a lot of time and money that could otherwise be used to establish your company.

It is for this reason that we exist to provide a Price Comparison Software service.

We help to make the process of data collection easy and fast therefore saving you a lot of energy, time and resources. Through software known as price comparison software we are able to get the required

Why use Price Comparison Software?

  • Get a complete list of all brands sold.
  • Visualise  your competitors “in stock” items multiplied by the price to get a stock evaluation.
  • Get a complete list of sections and sub sections of products.
  • Compare brand size saturation with your own store.
  • Analyse brand size proportions in a competitors catalogue.
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  • Look for products on offer and calculate the percentage of the price reduction.
  • Monitor the competitive landscape.
  • Have the insight to make fair and accurate price comparisons .
  • Combine SKUs (Product Codes) to make like for like comparisons.
  • Make better decisions for your business.

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Screen Scraping

Save 100’s of hours manually inputting

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The price comparison software allows us to collect data on your behalf from other company websites that are of interest to you because they offer similar products. This is done in the following ways:

Screen scrapping

For minimal amounts of data this is the best method. It allows you to copy and paste information from other websites. The information maybe in form of text or images and you are able to store this information and later analyse it for your purposes.

Data Harvesting

This involves hunting for information in different webpages methodically through links with the aid of Web Crawler. The crawler automatically navigates through a website.

After extracting the data, we do not stop at that, but we use the data to ensure that your business thrives in intelligence. The details collected are then used by the manufacturer or marketer to compare themselves with the competitors and start doing business from a knowledge point of view as opposed to assumptions.

How do I benefit as a producer/marketer ? 

The details that we gather are then analyzed to make business sense.  Apart from the fact that we take much less time to gather the information hence saving you the hustles of the labour-intensive process, we also analyze the information.

From the analysis the business owner is able to understand the market in a much better way. This is because:

  • You have the details of how your competitors are pricing their products hence you are able to compare with what you are offering or intending to offer.
  • You know the market trend in terms of demand. The fact that you are able to access the competitor’s catalogue makes it easy for you to know how the demand looks like and whether there are enough products for the market and how you can take advantage of the loopholes to better your business.
  • Regular data extraction and analysis also enables you to understand the market trends. It helps you to answer questions like when the product is most sought after or not. Knowing this will help you know when to stock.

These are just some of the ways in which you can benefit from using the price comparison software. With the use of technology you can now run your business from an informed point of view and rise above the competition within a short time.